POLAR OnlineĀ®

The Best Online Booking Tool. Period.

Start using the cruise industry's most advanced booking tool. POLAR Online is our online tool built exclusively for travel consultants.

Powerful features to make cruise selling easier than ever.

  • Sort sailing search results by price.
  • Cruisetour search no longer requires a tour number.
  • Quote a rate from available hotels before booking confirmation.
  • Innovative UPSELL feature helps you move clients to a higher category.

No need to call reservations, POLAR Online provides access to all fares.

  • Access all past passenger promos, including email and mail promotions.
  • Search all agency promos, or use Best Buy to quickly find the best deal.
  • View rates and book Segments of a World Cruise.
  • Create fare comparisons to compare promos by category.

Save time by using POLAR Online to manage your bookings.

  • Extend options.
  • Change sailing on deposited bookings.
  • Check and Print your client's Boarding Passes.
  • Automatically charge final payment to your client's credit card.
  • Click here for a step-by-step guide of functions only available online.

Groups in POLAR Online

Create new Groups using POLAR Online... an exclusive for Princess and Cunard

Created with Travel Advisors in mind, POLAR Online Groups is convenient, fast and easy! Build your new groups as soon as new departures become available to sell. POLAR Online is the quickest way to request space. So go online and secure group space before another agency does!

Create a new Group Online in 3 Quick Steps

Step 1
Choose the Cruise Departure.
Step 2
Review group pricing and select space for available categories.
Step 3
Review group confirmation... you're done!

Once created, the group pricing and inventory is immediately available to sell! You may use any CRS, web tool or the phone to book into your new group.

Download and watch our new 3 Steps to Create a Group.

Manage Your Groups Online

  • Extend the First and Second Recall Dates!
  • Request Billing Reports, Financial Reports and Group Details.
  • Report are delivered to any email or fax # you provide. This gives you the ability to view these reports from home or at the office.
  • Select your amenities for example a cocktail party or a reduced Tour Conductor ratio, and track the Tour Conductors earned.
  • Review a list of all bookings within your group, then conveniently retrieve and manage each booking.