Special Event Cruises


Book your clients on one of our specially created event cruises which have been tailor-made to bring popular themes to life and further enhance your Cunard experience. These unique event cruises include expert speakers, insightful activities and exclusive events on board plus an array of related bespoke shore excursions in selected ports of call. Here is a sample of some of the event cruises we are offering

Australian Dance Theatre

Queen Elizabeth - Mar. 12, 2019 - Q910


Cunard has partnered with the world-renowned Australian Dance Theatre to present our first dance event journey. Join us on this six-night Tasmania voyage to enjoy two bespoke performances from Australian Dance Theatre. During the cruise, the dance company will also hold movement workshops and Insights talks.


Transatlantic Fashion Week

Queen Mary 2 – Jul 28, 2019 – M922


Renowned for glamour, dressing up and unforgettable special occasions, we are delighted to once again bring your clients Queen Mary 2’s annual Transatlantic Fashion Week in 2018 and 2019. They can experience a glamorous array of catwalk shows, fashion presentations, photography exhibitions, styling and fashion workshops, new leading retail brands and much more.


Dance the Atlantic

Queen Mary 2 - Aug. 11, 2019 -  M924


Tutus and pointe shoes at the ready; the renowned English National Ballet joins us on board for the first time ever in a very special voyage that celebrates the world of dance. This Transatlantic Crossing will offer an up-close and personal perspective of the elegant magic the English National Ballet creates on stage - and the effort that goes into it.


Voyage du Vin

Queen Victoria - Sep. 6, 2019 - V922


In 2019, Queen Victoria will take you to the shores of Spain, France, and Italy, to explore some of the best, old world wine regions. The renowned Cunard Insights program will feature an array of expertise from the world of fine wine. You will have the opportunity to join the Cunard Wine Academy, as well as experience Cunard's new wine pouring Coravin system.


Big Band Ball

Queen Elizabeth – Oct 4, 2019 – Q927


Each of the three Queens will look forward to playing host to their own Big Band Balls for dance and music lovers around the world to enjoy. Cunard’s biggest orchestras of the year will delight guests in the magnificent Queens Room ballroom with music from Glenn Miller, Count Basie and Duke Ellington.


Literature Festival at Sea

Queen Mary 2 - Nov. 10, 2019 - M936


We invite you to join the inaugural Queen Mary 2’s Literature Festival at Sea, in association with Cheltenham Literature Festival and The Times and The Sunday Times. This exclusive voyage offers book lovers an opportunity to join some of the best-loved authors and thinkers on both sides of the pond – and the smartest journalists – aboard Queen Mary 2.