Youth & Teen Zones

Dedicated areas for different age groups mean that children can make firm friends whilst enjoying activities appropriate to their interests. Our fully trained team will make sure that everyone has fun and is safe – so much so that your little ones may not want to leave.

  • Night Nursery

Free of charge and offered on a first come first served basis, the Night Nursery provides a safe place for infants to sleep, with professional childminders close at hand to provide extra peace of mind. The space is open from 6pm until 11pm. Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria accept children 12 months to 23 months, while Queen Mary 2 accepts children as young as 6 months.

  • The Play Zone

Available on all three ships, The Play Zone is an area that is permanently supervised by qualified early years staff. Children between 3 years and 7 years are welcome in The Play Zone without parental supervision, while children 6 months to 2 years are welcome with parental supervision. Activities include themed days, arts and crafts, a range of toys, computer games and more.

  • The Kids’ Zone

Supervised by Youth Staff, The Zone is an area designed for 8-17 year olds providing games and activities such as games consoles plus sport competitions, arts and crafts and table tennis tournaments.

  • The Teen Zone

Queen Mary 2 also has an area exclusively for teens 13 through 17 years on board. There are plenty of options to have fun – deck sports, discos, gaming consoles, quizzes – but just hanging out works too.