The White Pass & Yukon Route Rail – Skagway, Alaska


Have clients going to Alaska this summer? Don't let them miss out on the premier Skagway experience of traveling the White Pass and Yukon route by rail – especially during Princess’ 50th Anniversary celebration in the great land!


Skagway was the gateway to the gold fields for the thousands who flocked to Alaska and the Yukon with the hope of striking it rich. Skagway may have boasted the shortest route to the Klondike, but it wasn't the easiest. Over 100 years ago, the White Pass route through the Coast Mountains was used by countless stampeders.


Today, the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway is known as the "Scenic Railway of the World", and links Skagway with Yukon, Canada. A 41-mile roundtrip journey offers an unforgettable day traveling to the summit of the White Pass at nearly 3,000 feet in elevation, featuring breathtaking views of waterfalls, glaciers, scenic vistas and glimpses of the original Brackett Wagon Road and Tormented Valley.


Here are some of the tours we recommend:


SGY-220           Local Connections: White Pass Rail, Bennett Lake & Yukon Adventure

SGY-250           White Pass Rail, Summit, Gold Panning and BBQ Lunch

SGY-180           Yukon Expedition & White Pass Scenic Railway

SGY-210           White Pass Scenic Railway – Luxury Class

SGY-200           White Pass Scenic Railway