Discover the amazing features of Ocean Medallion cruise vacations with Medallion Moments, a video series hosted by John Chernesky, Vice President of North America Sales for Princess Cruises and Cunard Line. You'll go inside the secret headquarters where this revolutionary cruise experience has been developed, and meet some of the brilliant minds behind it all! Check back each week for new episodes.


27. Whenever, wherever                                        26: How do you top a perfect day  




Be sure to check out the full series of Medallion Moments episodes below: 

1: All aboard the Ocean Medallion tour!                  2: Meet the masterminds of Ocean Medallion  


3: Ready to learn about Ocean Ready?                    4: A welcoming way to start a vacation


5: Medallion fashion advice from John                    6: The science behind Ocean Medallion    


7: Find your way with Ocean Compass                   8: Opening your stateroom and so much more


9: What you want, when you want it                     10: John mixes it up at the bar


11: Ocean Compass rolls into action                      12: Travel execs size up Ocean Medallion


13: Ocean Medallion worry-free 24/7                      14: Let Ocean Compass be your guide


15: Inspiring a new wave of cruisers                      16: Know all your options with Ocean Compass 


17: How Ocean Medallion improves service          18: Making a cruise picture perfect


19: How we protect our guests' privacy                  20: Our crew is ocean ready!


21: Is it magic? No, it’s Ocean Medallion™            22: Cruising with the family made easy


23: Staying connected to travel companions           24: Adventure is only a click away 


25. Boarding is a breeze                                         26. How do you top a perfect day


27. Whenever, wherever