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Use this screen to cross-reference this booking with another, change dining, change bed configuration, add special requests for dining or medical information and, if necessary, cancel the booking.

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Travel Agent Information

Booking Agent: Displays the travel agent who originally created the booking.

This name is automatically pulled from your enrolled Member Number Profile. If the Booking Agent name is blank, then you should enroll via the Member Profile section of OneSource or you can enroll by joining the Academy. The Booking Agent name is permanently stored on the booking and cannot be changed.

Agent Contact: Displays the most recently designated agent contact. Initially this name may be the same as the Booking Agent. However, this name can change over time if the booking is assigned to a new agent or if a second agent calls to make changes to the booking.

If the Booking Agent is blank, then POLAR Online will assign the profile ID for your OneSource account as the Agent Contact. POLAR Online provides two screens to edit Agent Contact. You can use either the Create Booking or Booking Information screens.

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This field will show booking status, which can be Booked, Waitlisted, Canceled, or Guaranteed.

Open Date
This is the date the booking was made.

Cancel Date
If the booking has been canceled, this shows the date of cancellation.

Deposit Due date
This shows the date by which the deposit must be received by Princess.

Extend Due Date button 

If you need to extend the deposit due date, click the "EXTEND OPTION" button.

Required Deposit
This shows the deposit amount.

Create Travel with ID (TWID Number)
Click the "NEW" button to add a cross-reference number to the booking. You can enter the booking numbers that you would like cross-referenced. Click the link to see the list of cross-referenced bookings

Travel with ID (TWID) should be applied to bookings where the passengers are family and/or friends and they wish to dine together. This designation will only apply to those who have been confirmed for the same dining option.

A good rule to remember: ALL bookings which plan to dine together should ALL have the same TWID on each booking.

From POLAR Online Bookings: To create a TWID for a booking, simply click the button labeled NEW. The system will return the 3 character TWID code. If you are creating a new booking, and you have pre-selected multiple cabins, then each cabin will automatically receive the same TWID code.

If you already have a TWID from an existing booking, then you may add that TWID to other confirmed bookings traveling together. Simply enter the TWID code into the TWID field.


Use this button to verify that your bookings are correctly cross-referenced after you have entered the same system given three-letter code on all the bookings.  

Seating Request
You can change the desired dining seating from the available list of dining times, the dining status is now shown next to the dining times. If a particular dining time is waitlisted, the waitlist number will show on the Booking Confirmation screen under the “Dining Status Summary”.  

5:30 p.m. (approximately) This Early seating is offered on all ships except Ocean Princess & Pacific Princess.
6:00 p.m. (approximately) This Traditional First seating is offered on all ships.
8:15 p.m. (approximately) This Traditional Second seating is offered on all ships.
Anytime Dining - Restaurant-style dining (offered on all ships except Ocean Princess & Pacific Princess).

*Dining times may vary depending on the trade client's are sailing on.

Table Size
For first and second seating, this is where you request a table size.

Special Table Request
This provides an option for special seating requests, such as tables for 2 or 10, seating by the window, and wheelchair-accessible seating. This field is not required. Select the appropriate request from the drop down menu. Special requests do not apply to Anytime Dining.

Choose the desired bed configuration from the drop down menu.

When booking a guarantee it is not possible to select a bed configuration because the specific cabin is unknown. Simply leave the field blank.

When booking triple or quadruple occupancy, the bed configuration must be twin.

In some cases the system may not accept a bed configuration either because the stateroom does not feature convertible beds or because a certain configuration is required. If the system accepts neither queen nor twin, leave the field blank.

Land Bed
This field is only used for Cruisetour bookings. Select Queen or Twin beds for the land portion of the Cruisetour.

Hotel Smoking
This field only applies to Cruisetours. Select yes or no for the passengers' smoking preference for the land portion of the Cruisetour.

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You can use this option to cancel the booking.

You can use this option to change sailing, category, or fares.

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Select the correct title for the passenger. This is a required field. The title must agree with the gender.

First Name
Type in the first name as it appears on the passenger’s travel documents.This is a required field. If you have entered a membership number, the name will appear as it shows on their member record. If this is incorrect, the name should be corrected on the Circle record.

This can be changed in the Circle Center Online, or by calling Princess Cruises.

Last Name
Type in the last name as it appears on the passenger’s travel documents. If you have entered the membership number, the name will appear as it shows on their member record. If this is incorrect, the name should be corrected on the membership record.

This can be changed at the Circle Center Online, or by calling Princess Cruises. The correct last name must be entered to make the booking.

If the passenger uses a suffix (such as Jr., III, Ph. D., etc.), it can be entered here. This should be entered only if it matches the membership record. This is not a required field.

Select the correct gender. This is a required field. The gender must agree with the title.

This field is not required for the 1st and 2nd passengers. It is required for the 3rd and 4th passengers. If the passengers are over age 21, you may enter the code "AD" for adult. It is acceptable to enter an approximate age if you are unsure of the exact age. You can select the age from the drop down menu.

Note: The exact age should be entered for all passengers under 21 years old.

This field is for entering information about medical issues and requesting wheelchairs for use during the cruise - Click the link to locate the appropriate codes.

Please advise your client that Princess Cruises requires a written letter (from the passenger's doctor) be sent to the Fleet Medical Department for any passenger with a serious health concern.


This field is for entering dining requests and certain special requests. Click the link to locate the appropriate codes.

Please be advised that certain requests must be sent to Princess Cruises in writing. These include baby food, kosher meals, and lactose intolerance diet requests. This allows us to pre-order the necessary supplies. This field also contains codes for special requests that are not related to dining.


Cancel Passenger column 

Click the "CANCEL" button next to the passenger that you would like to cancel, and then click "SAVE" button to remove the passenger from the booking.

Submit Changes button
Be sure to click on the "SAVE" button on the bottom of the screen in order to finalize the changes to the booking.

Return to Booking Confirmation button
Click the "BACK" button to return to the previous screen.

Reset Form button
Click on the "RESET" button if you would like to erase all of the information you have typed on this screen and start over.

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General Age Guidelines

Age Requirements for Traveling in Different Areas
These are the minimum age requirements for traveling in these product areas. Passengers who do not meet these requirements may be denied boarding.

Product Area




12 months

12 months


6 months

6 months


5 years for Escorted Tours


12 months

12 months


6 months

6 months

Canada/New England

6 months

6 months

Canadian Rockies


5 years


6 months



6 months

6 months


12 months



12 months

12 months


6 months


Panama Canal

6 months


South America

12 months

12 months

Princess Vacation Protection 

Rates apply to all passengers and are priced out PER PERSON. However, plan cost minimums do not apply to passengers under the age of 18 and traveling in a 3rd/4th berth provided the first two passengers purchase the plan. For Example:

  1. A Minor as a 3rd or 4th would pay the percentage listed above for the cost of the Princess Vacation Protection or Platinum Princess Vacation Protection, based on the cruise fare. If the 3rd and 4th berth is anyone 18 years and over, they will automatically be paying the plan cost minimum or more, depending on the cruise fare.
  2. If passengers 3 and 4 in the cabin are minors (17 years old and under) and both passengers 1 and 2 are purchasing the Princess Vacation Protection and either of the first two passengers is a Platinum or Elite Member, the minors in the 3rd and/or 4th berth will receive the Platinum Princess Vacation Protection at no additional cost.

Onboard Information

Children's Programs
Minors may participate in the appropriate children's programs based on their ages. Call Princess Cruises for details. Youth Center staff cannot administer medication, change diapers, or bottle feed. Children under 3 are welcome to visit the Youth Center during operating hours, but must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian at all times during their stay.

Group babysitting is available on most Princess ships for an additional charge. Call Princess Cruises for details.

All minors must be registered before they can participate in any of the organized children's activities onboard. Call Princess Cruises for details.

Educational Programs
The National Wildlife Federation presents educational programs for children onboard engaging kids to learn about the wonders of wildlife and their habitats. Kids receive activity books and other learning materials so they can continue their nature explorations when they return home. Princess has partnered with the California Science Center to deliver exclusive, fun and exciting science programming. Youth passengers ages 8-12 can race and build sailboats and roller coasters, dissect squid, learn about astronomy and space, and much more!

Meal service is not provided in the Activities Center.
Ice cream, soft drinks, fruit drinks and cake may be offered for special parties. If a child has any dietary restriction prohibiting these foods, alternative snacks will be provided on request as stated on the registration card. A children's menu is available at all dining areas on the ship. A featured youth and teen-exclusive dining activity may also be scheduled. The youth programs are closed during first seating.


Dress and Conduct
We encourage all children to conform to the suggested dress code of the day. Children must wear cover-ups over swimwear in interior public areas.

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